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Site Council

The Site Council, is comprised of up to five parents, up to five staff members, the Student Council president, and the principal. The purpose of Site Council is to ensure our students’ success by helping to advance the District’s mission, “Our students will be prepared for and eager to accept the academic, occupational, personal and practical challenges of life in a dynamic global environment,” through collaborative planning, communications and decision-making.

Site Councils are established at each school to advise the principal on how to advance student learning through strong shared planning, open communications, and problem-solving strategies.

Applications for open positions are accepted in the spring.

Site Council Meeting Minutes

Briarwood Site Council By-Laws

  1. The Briarwood Elementary School Site Council’s official name will be “The Briarwood Site Council”.
  2. The purpose of the Briarwood Site Council (BSC) is to provide a process for staff, parents and community to work together to maximize student learning.
    The Briarwood Site Council’s focus and primary areas of responsibility are to:
    • Monitor the implementation and achievement of school improvement goals
    • Receive and listen to concerns
    • Direct concerns to the appropriate person or group
    • Gather input from diverse groups
    • Clarify and monitor the decision-making process
  3. The composition and representation of the Briarwood Site Council shall be as follows:
    • Principal
    • Certificated Staff
    • Classified Staff
    • Parent Representative
    • PTA Board Representative
  4. The prospective Site Council member should meet the following criteria:
    • Leadership potential. Each member would be willing to share the roles of facilitator, secretary,
    • recorder and time keeper.
    • School-wide Focus. Each member must be able to place individual concerns aside in order to support
    • the good of the whole.
    • Each member will display strong communication skills (good listener, paraphrasing, asking questions, etc.)
    • Each member will have the available time and commitment to attend all meetings. Two (2) absences per year will be grounds to dismiss a member.
    • Each member will commit to support council decisions – once the BSC has voted, the membership shall support the decision.
  5. Persons interested in serving on the BSC shall fill out the Briarwood Site Council Application Form.
  6. All applicants will go through a screening process performed by the Selection Committee which will be made up of two staff members and two parents. This process will be designed to ensure that applicants meet the criteria outlined in #4. After screening, all qualified nominees will be put in a pool and selected via a lottery process.
  7. Terms. Each member will serve on the BSC for a 2-year term, except for the first year of existence, when half of the BSC will be elected for a 1-year term. This will provide for a rotation of Council members that shall not exceed half the members at any one time. Positions that are vacated prematurely or are needed to maintain continuity will be replaced by appointment of the BSC.
  8. Meetings. The BSC will meet once a month in the Briarwood Conference Room of the Administrative Wing. Members of the team will decide on an agreed upon meeting time. There must be 70% of the team present in order to meet.
  9. A consensus will be 80% of those present. There must be 80% of the members present in order to vote.
  10. Formal minutes will be taken at each meeting with one copy to be sent to the School Board, one copy published and posted in the school building, and additional copies made available to the public in the school office.

Rev 5/05