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Coaching Corner - Belma Martin-School Counselor

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School Counselor’s Lesson Update:

In our school’s comprehensive school counseling program, best part of my job is to teach counseling lessons throughout the school year to support ALL students’ academic, social & emotional and career needs.

Lately, I visited the K-3 classrooms for an SEL lesson on how to be assertive. The students learned and practiced to be assertive which means to use their strong and respectful voice to get what they want or they need. I also visited 5th grade for a cyber bullying lesson where the students learned how to deal with cyber bullying and what to do as an upstander. We use the Second Step Bullying Prevention curriculum for these lessons.

Starting this week, I will be visiting each grade level for a career lesson for our students to explore different career paths and understand the importance of future planning. In these lessons, they will learn what a career is, different career paths, careers and jobs in different career paths, and to make connections about how their learning in elementary years may apply to a future career. Ask them about this career lesson and see what careers/jobs they think to have when they grow up!

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource to help your 4th and 5th grade students to find out about different careers. It might spark a great conversation between you and your student at home.

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