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Code of Conduct

The Briarwood Way

The Briarwood Way, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be a Problem Solver.

The Briarwood Way forms the umbrella for all student support, and the staff at Briarwood is committed to working cooperatively with parents to promote a positive, safe, environment through respectful and responsible problem-solving. Our expectation is that respect will be evident in the daily behaviors of all students, staff, and volunteers, and that each individual will take responsibility for their own behavior. Please take time to read through our Behavior Expectations and school rules with your child.

Briarwood General Behavior Expectations

  1. We respect ourselves and others
    • Be kind and respectful
    • Be a collaborative worker
    • Be self-directed
    • Use appropriate and kind verbal and body language
    • Demonstrate empathy
    • Always use best attending behaviors
    • Always put forth your best effort
    • Always follow directions of staff members and other adults
  2. We respect our school
    • Be a community contributor
    • Pick up litter
    • Use the recycling bins and trash cans
    • Stay on walkways
    • Keep hands off walls and displays
    • Take care of furniture and learning materials
  3. We take responsibility for our own actions
    • Use self-control
    • Be honest, helpful, and fair
    • Use problem-solving skills
    • Accept and learn from mistakes
  4. We act in safe and courteous ways
    • Walk quietly in the hallways, on sidewalks, and stairs
    • Use learning tools and equipment in appropriate way
    • Report inappropriate activities to an adult
    • Make wise decisions