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Bear Choir Performs at Mariners Game

Bear Choir at Mariners Game

When the Briarwood Bear Chorus stepped onto the Mariners home field during the Saturday, April 1 game against the Cleveland Guardians, the students and Director Renee Nakapaahu were filled with emotion. At 180 students, the Bear Chorus is the largest group that has ever been invited to sing the National Anthem.


“The entire day was a whirlwind of an adventure and it was such an amazing experience!” Nakapaahu said. “As we entered the field, the Briarwood families and community cheered us on from the stands. The feeling of stepping onto the field was electric and the energy from the crowd made all of my nerves dissipate.”


“When it was time for us to sing, the Bear Chorus did an incredible job of keeping their eyes on me as I conducted their voices,” she continued. “You could hear their voices echo from around the stadium and it was truly heartwarming. When the fireworks and rockets went off, it was a breathtaking moment and all I could feel was joy and pride for the Briarwood community. It was such a stressful day, but it was worth it in the end! That night will be a core memory for all of us at Briarwood!”

Bear Choir at Mariners Game


Five students shared their reactions to the experience. Listen in as they describe those feelings:


  • When you found out that the Bear Chorus would be singing at the Mariners game, what was your reaction?
    • Ali W.: “OMG, excited!”
    • Susannah I.: “I was speechless!”
    • Ella W.: “Very excited.”
    • Jack W.: “Just being so excited.”
    • Cooper H.: “Almost fell out of my chair.”


  • What did you expect the experience to be like?
    • Ali W.: “Calm and serious.”
    • Susannah I.: “I didn’t know what it would be like!”
    • Ella W.: “Really fun.”
    • Jack W.: “I expected the experience to be awesome.”
    • Cooper H.: “Exciting.”


  • When you sing the National Anthem, what kinds of emotions do you feel?
    • Ali W.: “Excited and stressed.”
    • Susannah I.: “Proud and happy.”
    • Ella W.: “Thankful and happy.”
    • Jack W.: “Happy.”
    • Cooper H.: “Any emotion, but times 1,000,000,000!” [Editor’s note: Cooper included more zeros than this. Please imagine an exponentially larger emotion.]


  • What will you remember the most about your time in the spotlight?
    • Ali W.: “The applause, and just being there on the field in that moment.”
    • Susannah I.: “The excitement of waiting to sing!”
    • Ella W.: “Being in the Jumbotron.”
    • Jack W.: “Being right in the middle and stepping on the field.”
    • Cooper H.: “That the fireworks were delayed, and it was one of the best emotions ever!”


Way to go, Bears – we would “take you out to the ball game” to hear you sing any day of the week!

Bear Choir at Mariners Game