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Four Teams Participate in First Lego League

Lego League participants holding reward

Briarwood Elementary School had four teams that participated in the First Lego League. These four teams were the Flaming Patriots, the Golden Phoenixes, Iron Patriots Jr, and the Sophisticated Hackers. Our teams focused on four main events that would happen in the competition. Innovation Project, Robot Design, Robot Code and Core Values.  

The Innovation Project is where teams think of a problem in the world and, using the statement provided, create a creative solution to that problem. They create a presentation and share it with judges in the competition.   

This year’s theme for the Innovation Project was S.T.E.A.M. This stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The Iron Patriots Jr’s Innovation Project was to encourage more people to try out Gymnastics. The Sophisticated Hacker’s innovation project was about learning new languages. The Golden Phoenix’s innovation project was about saving sea turtles. Lastly, The Flaming Patriots. Their innovation project was about musical instruments being too expensive. At our competition, the Flaming Patriots got the runner up award for their innovation project.  

“I was very surprised that we had won the award and was also very happy” a Flaming Patriots team member stated.  

The Robot Design and Robot Code were similar. The Robot Design was mainly on what missions you would choose. The Robot Code was another big part of the completion. Teams were given the option to complete fifteen missions. We talked to the Iron Patriots Jr, who completed the most missions. They completed an astonishing six missions and got 180 points as their highest score.  

The Core Values was how your team showed Teamwork, Innovation, Inclusion, Discovery Collaboration and Fun. 

The teams that score the highest in all four areas move onto the next level of competition, which the Briarwood team Sophisticated Hackers did. Then they compete against more teams and can even travel to other places.  


People at the event and their tables


The team at the competition in a huddle


The team and their project


The team of students and chaperones smiling for the camera
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