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Superintendent Makes Visit, Engages With Students, Faculty and Staff

Superintendent Makes Visit, Engages With Students, Faculty and Staff

Recently, there was a big figure walking through our Briarwood halls. Students, faculty and staff were delighted to have Superintendent Heather Tow-Yick (pictured on the right) visit the school earlier this month. The trip came as a result of Tow-Yick's goal of visiting all 26 schools and service sites in the opening weeks of the school year, an incredible feat that she was able to accomplish as part of her First 100 Days Plan in office. Tow-Yick's values of promoting voice and choice, building healthy relationships, and establishing a culture of belonging are just a few of the (many) things she is focusing on during her time in office.

Students, staff and community members will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Superintendent Tow-Yick at the district's Community Forum on Thursday, October 20th, from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.. The format of this event will focus on hearing from each attendee in small groups. The district has prepared questions for attendees to think about in advance. We ask that you come prepared to share and listen. Interpreters will also be available upon request in the RSVP form. RSVP for the Community Forum using this link.

Superintendent Tow-Yick asks students questions. Students answer by raising their hands.